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Even though it was after regular …

Last night at 7:30 p.m. I came home to a flooded kitchen because the water/ice maker on the refrigerator door would not turn off. I quickly checked the BBB website and found Alaska Refrigeration. Even though it was after regular business hours, Dago arrived on my doorstep (with a smile) and not only stopped the rush of water (the turn off valve had frozen in the open position), but also offered to give my refrigerator a much needed tune-up. Now the unit is singing his praises because it's running more efficiently and quietly; all the dust, grime and unslightliness in the under carriage has been removed. Anyway, thank you Dago for saving the "night" and allowing me to have peace of mind and a restful nights sleep!

Heidi San Francisco , CA July 24, 2010

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We also found the quality of the work …

Regarding work done by Dago with Alaska Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heating Co., we are very satisfied customers. Here at Buffalo Exchange on Haight St. we have experienced problems with our air conditioning system and found his work to be above and beyond expectations. We felt the price charged to be fair. We also found the quality of the work done to be exceptional and would like to refer him to any future customers in need. We have since not needed work done on the system.

Fabian Lam San Francisco , CA November 11, 2014

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If you want the job done right, call …

I have been a customer of Alaska HVAC for 7 years. Every time I call Alaska, I am greeted with a pleasant person on the phone who takes my information and very promptly, I get a call back with a date and time for service. Alaska's service is always professional and they explain the work that needs to be done. Their work is always of the highest quality and Alaska makes sure they stand behind all work performed. I have had the opportunity to choose a different HVAC company but I have stayed with Alaska because their service is unmatched. If you want the job done right, call Alaska HVAC!

Thanks for all your dedication to doing a great job!

Carla San Francisco , CA November 11, 2014

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I highly recommend them from our …

I've used Alaska to maintain our fleet of about 8 aging refrigerators, freezers, walk-ins and ice machines at our nursing home in SF since 2001. My experience has been they are invariably responsive, effective with their repairs, and help me make an informed decisions whether to repair or replace. I have only dealt with one repairman, Dago, and he has consistently gone out of his way to keep us running. I highly recommend them from our sustained experience with them.

Rick Isaacs San Francisco , CA November 11, 2014

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Dago and his team are Johnny on the Spot …

Alaska Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating Co has been servicing Affiliated Brokers offices and properties for 15 years. Dago and his team are Johnny on the Spot when problem arises. Problems are taken care with immediate dispatch in a timely and friendly manner at a fair price. The have installed air conditioning in all of our commercial and residential properties. They are still doing a continuing preventive maintenance, repairing, replacement, inspection and report. We satisfied with the Alaska team and we can recommend to others.

Harry Murphy San Mateo , Ca November 11, 2014

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Dago not only repaired the water heater …

Our water heater broke down on a Sunday and we called about 6 companies that claimed to be working 7 days a week but they only wanted to get your information and come out the following day. Alaska Refrigeration came out within an hour and had our water heater repaired in less than an hour. They were very polite on the phone and Dago who came out to repair the heater was amazing. Dago not only repaired the water heater but did what he could to work within our budget. I'll definitely call them back when our heater needs to be totally replaced.

Mary Kensington , CA November 11, 2014

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Their maintenance staff are friendly, …

The South of Market Health Center has been a client of Alaska Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating Co. for over 10 years now. The Health Center has relied on Alaska for the maintenance of our air conditioning and heating system all these years. Their maintenance staff are friendly, courteous and reliable. I would recommend Alaska Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating to anyone who needs their services.

Ramon Ferrer San Francisco , CA November 11, 2014

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I recommend this company with my whole …

Our synagogue (a house of worship) was without heat. The children in preschool were wearing sweaters and heavy coats. The situation was intolerable. I called Alaska Refrigeration and they came over immediately. The 1950's boiler, pumps and values were surprisingly in good shape, and it turned out to be an issue of bleeding the system and adjusting the boiler. Instead of $100,000.00, after four visits and an enormous amount of man hours and knowledge how to fix our existing equipment with minimal new parts, we ended up paying considerably less than $1,000.00 and we are all comfortable and happy. I recommend this company with my whole heart.

Rabbi Harry Manhoff San Leandro , CA November 11, 2014

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Dago is my hero.

I would like to give a huge thanks to your company and especially one of your technicians, Dago. We had our hood shut off on Saturday May 22, 2010 at 12:00 and were in a panic about how to get it fixed. As you probably know almost all companies that do this kind of work are closed on week-ends. After many fruitless phone calls and frustrating time looking on the internet I happened upon your company and placed a phone-call with very little hope. I was so happy to hear a real live person at the end of the line and Dago actually gave me hope that he could help us. He came through in a big, big way against a lot of adversity. First he had to find a motor that would fit our hood. He did. Then he ran into a lot of problems with the installation of the motor , but he kept trying and finally at 5:30 the hood was working. If Dago had not been so on top of how to get the motor that we needed and install it ,we would have had to close for the week-end and lost a lot of money and had a lot of very unhappy customers. It was Cal graduation week-end so we were very busy that week-end. Dago is my hero. We will defenitely use your service in the future for both our restaurants and I will reccomend you to every restaurant owner I know. Please keep your 24 hour and week-end service available because it saves restaurant owners from the horror of having to close down.
My very sincerest thanks

Wendy Brucker Berkeley , CA November 11, 2014

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