Bay Area Ventilation Services

Keep your family or employees happy and healthy!

Whether you represent a business or home, your air quality matters. Did you know that proper ventilation is a key component of reducing illness and disease ranging from tuberculosis to the common cold? At Alaska HVACR, we provide the ventilation services you need to ensure you are breathing healthy air.

High indoor air quality is important for many other reasons as well, including:

  • It controls the temperature
  • It replenishes oxygen
  • It removes moisture
  • It destroys odors
  • It eradicates smoke
  • It reduces dust
  • It eliminates carbon dioxide

Find out how good your building’s air quality is!

To prevent stagnation of the interior air, you can ventilate your space by either introducing outside air or keeping the interior air circulating. An air handler can be used to control indoor air quality and to cut down on humidity, air contaminants, etc. We can help evaluate the ventilation of your building and determine whether it would be helpful to add direct drive fans, ceiling fans, or trickle vents.

Keep your family or employees happy and healthy by ensuring your indoor air quality is what it should be. Schedule an evaluation with our team of HVACR experts today! Contact our Oakland office at (510) 261-9202, our San Francisco office at (415) 861-6274, or our Concord/Walnut Creek office at (925) 686-2086.

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